Weekly Services

Family Bible Hour

Family Bible Hour is divided into three age groups. Children from birth to age four will be supervised in the nursery. Children five to twelve will be taught a Bible lesson. Teenagers and adults will study a book of the Bible verse by verse.

A female staff member will care for children from birth to age four in a supervised setting where they can relax, learn, and play in a fun, safe environment.

Children ages five through twelve can expect an interactive experience learning the Bible with a Sunday school teacher. As the lesson is taught, the teacher will ask the children questions to encourage them to better comprehend the Bible passages studied that day. Children will also make crafts on some days that they can take home to remember the lesson that day.

Our teenager and adult class teacher, Jeff Marthins, teaches the Scriptures verse by verse in a setting that encourages open dialogue. He often enjoys teaching Old Testament books so his class can see how God used Old Testament person’s and Israel’s experiences to help class members understand God and themselves better and know how they can live out their faith through any circumstance. He also edifies his class’s faith by explaining New Testament books verse by verse and by doing topical studies. Jeff asks questions to get his class to think about the passage he has read, which aides class members in understanding the Scriptures.

Morning and Evening Worship Service

At both the Sunday morning and evening services, children from birth to age four will continue to be supervised, so you can focus on worshipping the Lord.

Both Sunday morning and evening services feature congregational singing, pastoral prayer, special music, and a message that the Lord has impressed upon Pastor Archut to preach. Pastor Archut will either preach through a passage of Scripture verse by verse or preach on a topic that highlights specific verses during the Sunday morning and evening services. Our Pastor often loves to delve deeply into the inclusion of, exclusion of, and meaning of words in passages to show how those specific words or lack of words influence the meaning of a Bible passage. He also enjoys explaining the context of a Bible passage from when the Scriptures were written. He uses modern day examples to further clarify Bible passages. His detailed analysis of the Scriptures allows the congregation to better understand its meaning. His goal is to challenge the congregation to put into practice what they have learned so that they can grow to be more Christlike.

Recorded sermons from Sunday mornings and evenings are available at the back of the church and upon request.

Wednesday Evening Bible Study and Prayer Meeting

Pastor Archut leads a Bible study on Wednesdays where his class studies a book of the Bible verse by verse in great detail. The Pastor gives class members opportunities to ask questions and offer comments during this study time.

After the Bible study finishes, the Pastor takes prayer requests and praise announcements so that our church can specifically pray and give praise to our Heavenly Father in the name of His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. During prayer time, our church separates into groups of women and men so that women pray with women and men pray with men.